Principal Financial Group Signs Agreement with Banco do Brasil

Extends joint venture for 23 years

DES MOINES, Iowa, Apr 30, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) --Principal Financial Group announced that The Principal(R) and Banco do Brasil have signed a definitive agreement to extend their pension and long-term asset accumulation joint venture in Brazil. Under the terms, the companies' joint venture, BrasilPrev Seguros e PrevidĂȘncia S.A. (BrasilPrev), will have the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute products within the Banco do Brasil network for 23 years.

"We are very pleased to continue our successful partnership which combines Banco do Brasil's significant distribution network with our global pension expertise," said Larry Zimpleman, chairman, president and chief executive officer of The Principal. "Together, over the past 10 years, we've built BrasilPrev into one of Brazil's top retirement services companies with approximately three million accounts and nearly $16 billion in assets under management1. We continue to expect BrasilPrev to achieve stronger than market growth over the next two decades, so we are particularly excited about the long-term extension."

The definitive agreement includes the same key elements outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding related to BrasilPrev, which was signed by both companies and announced in October 2009. Under the terms:

  • The joint venture will be co-managed, with The Principal owning 50.01 percent of BrasilPrev common stock and Banco do Brasil owning 49.99 percent; and
  • The Principal's economic interest (share of profits) will be 25.005 percent and Banco do Brasil's share, 74.995 percent. The Principal's previous share of profits was 46.01 percent.

"There is significant value in securing a long-term, exclusive distribution arrangement with Banco do Brasil," added Norman Sorensen, president and chief executive officer of Principal International, commenting on the exchange of economic interest for the long-term extension. "Not only is Banco do Brasil the market leader, but they also continue to expand their network which translates into even greater opportunities for BrasilPrev going forward."

"In the past five years, BrasilPrev has achieved compounded annual growth rates of operating earnings of 25 percent and 30 percent in assets under management, reflecting BrasilPrev's ability to meet the country's increasing need for world-class pension products," Sorensen said. "Looking ahead, we expect continued growth at an ever faster pace, as Brazil's middle class continues to expand."

Forward looking and cautionary statements

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About Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil is the leading financial institution in Brazil, listed on the Novo Mercado. Its main shareholder is the Federative Republic of Brazil with a free float close to 22%. It is the bank with the largest network in Brazil (with over 5,000 branches in 3,500 cities and 18,000 points of service) and has a clear leadership position with 54 million customers, over 400 billion dollars of assets, and nearly 200 billion dollars of deposits. Mercado: BBAS3)

1As of December 31, 2009.

2"The Principal Financial Group" and "The Principal" are registered service marks of Principal Financial Services, Inc., a member of the Principal Financial Group.

3As of December 31, 2009

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