A measured approach to growth

A growing global middle class. Increasingly fiscally constrained governments. The approaching retirement age of U.S. Baby Boomers—and the need for greater asset accumulation among Echo Boomers. The era of personal responsibility has arrived, and we find ourselves facing an unprecedented demand for long-term savings solutions.

Principal meets that demand with deliberately diverse expertise across multiple lines of business, creating a balanced business model that allows us to be aggressive while minimizing risk.

A highly competitive range of savings and retirement solutions and investment management capabilities helps clients and customers in existing markets and select emerging markets to save for the long term and invest for growth, while U.S. insurance solutions help investors to protect their assets.

We also invest in our people. Through innovative technology and best-in-class collaboration solutions, we empower our employees, financial professionals, and partners to do their best work—and position ourselves to attract and retain the world’s best talent, bolstering our continued success.

This inclusive, global perspective and dynamic blend of expertise have driven us well beyond $600 billion in assets under management, pushed our non-GAAP operating earnings to record levels, and solidified our competitive edge in an array of global markets.

And with opportunities expanding before us as the need for long-term savings solutions grows worldwide, we’re only gaining momentum.

Letter from our CEO
We continued to execute our strategy in 2023 as we navigated a dynamic market environment full of challenges and opportunities.
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Humphrey Lee
Vice President Investor Relations


The fundamentals of our business remain strong, and we continue to build our leading positions, providing continued momentum going forward.

Daniel J. Houston

Chairman, President, and CEO