Statutory Filings

The following documents contain financial information prepared in accordance with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and filed with state insurance departments to satisfy state insurance regulations. The information presented is for Principal Life Insurance Company and not Principal Financial Group, its publicly traded parent company.

Please be advised that financial information prepared using generally accepted accounting principals (GAAP) is significantly different than financial information prepared in accordance with NAIC standards. Financial information for Principal Financial Group, Inc. is prepared and presented pursuant to GAAP, which can be viewed by visiting All SEC Filings.

Please note, the PDFs below are very large in file size and may require you to wait for several minutes as they download to your computer


1Q 2024 Statement (PDF: 7.4 MB) 


2023 Annual Statement Supporting Schedules (PDF: 12.5 MB) 
2023 Annual Statement  (PDF: 12.7 MB)
1Q 2023 Statement (PDF: 6.74 MB)
2Q 2023 Statement (PDF: 7.28 MB)
3Q 2023 Statement (PDF: 7.28 MB)


2022 Annual Statement Supporting Schedules (PDF: 42.5 MB) 
2022 Annual Statement (PDF: 44.1 MB)

Last updated: 03/05/2024